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Flat LogoSome things are changing at Colossus Fitness and I thought I’d both write about that, about the process that goes on with being a trainer outside the actual weight room, and also simultaneously plug my business.

So I’ve started online training and I think it’s going well, at least from what I hear from the guys doing it. There are advantages to doing training online and disadvantages, of course, and it isn’t for everyone. If you want to do online training, with me or with anyone, it’s a good choice if you physically can’t meet the trainer (because of time constraints or distance), or contractual things (you’re married to your own gym in some long term contract), or if for some reason you’re just really uncomfortable with the gym (though that’s something you probably should work on if you mean to transform your body and your life). The caveat is that in order to do online training, you have to be a pretty self-motivated person already. That is to say, if you need someone there to be your motivation, then online training probably won’t work for you… I can’t be there to motivate you in person. Some guys I work with only get in the gym at all because I’m there and I’m holding them accountable to be there. Otherwise they would be at home. But if you’re someone who can get yourself going, but you need my guidance to show you what to do and why, then online training probably would work for you.

From my end, online training would seem easier but it isn’t really. I miss the in-person motivation stuff as much as the client does. I can get a better read for how things are going with someone if I can physically see them (beyond just skype, that is). Plus there’s the danger of out of sight, out of mind. The constant presence of someone helps me too! But there are ways around all that. It just takes discipline, and I think I’ve gotten into the groove.

Also, when I set up the business I was kinda guessing at a lot of things like policies and prices, but now that I’ve been doing this for a few months I’ve got my feet wet and can set policies on purpose. I had set my prices arbitrarily low because I thought that mattered in the context I was used to working in (long story…), but now I realize I’m really way too cheap. The guys who want to work with me do so because of my expertise and my biography, not because of my used car dealer prices. Sure it’s a plus in some sense, but I could stand to price myself more in line with what I’m offering… Especially compared to other gyms in town which charge close to double what I’m charging.

In that vein, I am still working on a way to keep my time from getting wasted by flakey people. I’ve begun to really appreciate in the last few weeks why corporate gyms chain people to year long contracts and give them the hard sell up front… I’ve had so many people flake out on me in one way or another that it’s become incredibly frustrating. But I’m not going to do contracts or something. I just need a mechanism for charging people before they even see me… or maybe just accept that as the nature of the business. A free consultation up front has its benefits – it gets people talking and in my presence – but it’s also no-risk and people can blow me off pretty easily. It’s a tough line to walk.

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But, all that aside, business is going well! My first client, Jim, has made incredible progress. Since we started in May he has lost over 40 lbs and his strength is dramatically higher. More than that, though, he’s happier about himself both inside and out. It’s amazing the kind of transformation that takes place inside someone when they begin to take control of the outside. He’s a new person both inside and outside. All my guys are making progress in fact and it’s really rewarding to be working with them.

I still have room though. So if you live in the Chicago area and want to train with me, drop me a line. And if you don’t live near me, but still want to train, contact me about online training! I’m open to new clients either way.

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