Changing Perspectives

For the last few weeks I’ve obviously been doing my bodybuilder challenge. Part of the challenge is to get my bodyfat percentage to an athletic level and that struggle isn’t just a physical one for me. It’s largely a psychological one that requires me to really change the way I looked at weight for most of my life.


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Amazing Transformation!! (Isn’t it?)

A big part of my work here is the Transformation Narrative. As well it should be! My whole story is about the transformation. But as a kind of followup to the last post about being aware of what you’re looking for when you try to find a trainer, you should also be aware of what you’re looking for when watching someone’s amazing transformation on TV. Seems obvious, right? Well, sometimes it is and sometimes it isn’t.

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Designing Success

I discussed briefly what it looks like to be prepared for failure. That will get some more exposition as this story continues because failure is, let’s face it, a huge part of life. Dealing with it and moving on from it are how we thrive.

But what about success? As you already know I had a hard time finding models for what success looked like. At the very beginning I was highly discouraged by the fitness industry which seemed to be aimed almost entirely at either 1) women or 2) men who weren’t really that bad off to begin with. When I first got started after my epiphany I had a slightly easier time of imagining success if only because I had been following health and fitness for some time (not having much success myself, let’s remember, but still, I had a pretty solid knowledge of the theories of human physiology even though it wasn’t doing me much good). As a younger man and as a child, though, success was a tricky thing to imagine. For a kid whose body has never looked or felt “normal” in the way I imagined normal, envisioning a completely different me was hard to do.

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