Larkin Romaneski

486342_10100594352075743_133640712_nI’m the creator here at Former Fat Boy, the primary author, and the administrator. My educational background is in English. I have a BA in English from Washington State University, a Master’s in 19th Century Lit from Florida State and I’m a PhD candidate in History of Text Technology from same. Beyond that though I am an ISSA certified personal trainer and nutrition specialist. But my main knowledge isn’t from my certifications, specializations, or education: it’s from my own experience. After 23 years struggling with my weight, I’m glad to be working on a project where I can help other men through that same struggle.

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Chris Olson

406847_10102330554392235_694104427_nChris is a social media strategist, fitness enthusiast, writer, blogger, and former fat boy. At his highest he was 330 lbs, and now that he has dropped nearly half of that he is much happier. Chris regularly blogs on his own site, where he wants to share his journey with everyone and provide support to those who want to lose weight and don’t know where to start. Right now he lives in Cincinnati where he is pursuing his own fitness work as an ACSM certified personal trainer.

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