So You Want to See a Trainer…

A lot of guys will go through a period in their weight loss journey where they will think, “Hey: why don’t I just get a personal trainer? They know what they’re talking about!” It may be at the beginning because we’re too damn lazy to go to the gym and we need to have someone pissed at us for skipping (and taking money from us at the same time). For some of us, it’s in the middle somewhere: we’ve hit a plateau, banged our head against the wall a few dozen times, and need someone to show us what we’re doing wrong. Or maybe we’re closer to the “end” and we think we just need that extra little push from someone professional.

All of these are completely legitimate reasons. But when searching for a trainer, you’ll want to beware. As a fat boy, the pitfalls that await us from listening to generic fitness personalities on TV also lay in wait for us when choosing a personal trainer. So how do we weed out the bad ones and find one that can actually help us?

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