Changing Perspectives

For the last few weeks I’ve obviously been doing my bodybuilder challenge. Part of the challenge is to get my bodyfat percentage to an athletic level and that struggle isn’t just a physical one for me. It’s largely a psychological one that requires me to really change the way I looked at weight for most of my life.


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Feature FFB: Korey Bell

Periodically I will have interviews with other former fat boys in order to show a wider range of perspectives, add new voices to the conversation, and also just produce more examples of amazing and inspirational transformations.

562528_10151687006560082_770308824_nOur first Former Fat Boy to be featured is Mr. Korey Bell. I’ve known Korey for over a year now and he’s an awesome guy with a truly amazing transformation. He dropped weight, got fit, and turned his body into an unstoppable fitness machine! He’s one of those guys that inspires me to keep at it and push myself. He is also one of the contributors to the project and part of his story will be appearing in the book Former Fat Boy. I interviewed Korey for this piece so he could tell you his story in his own words.

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