Surviving Vacation

So I’m headed to Chicago tomorrow morning on a kind of vacation (it’s almost entirely work-related for me, but any time away from Florida is a vacation for me. Yes: I know I’m crazy. I’m trying to escape Florida in the winter). One thing I can’t ever shake when I go on vacations is that feeling of mild anxiety about leaving the stable environment I have at home where I can carefully and successfully manage my fitness routine. It’s something like the fear one may have about eating over the holidays, except that for me it’s worse because I don’t typically leave for the holidays. On Christmas it’s easier for me to eat sensibly because I’m so close to my own home. On vacation I’m completely out of my element and it feels like I have to think on my feet. It takes a lot out of me to prepare for vacations because at this point in my fitness lifecycle I really, really don’t want to collapse.

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